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udkm1Dsim toolbox
A Simulation Toolkit for
1D Ultrafast Dynamics
in Condensed Matter

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udkm1Dsim toolbox

The udkm1Dsim toolbox is a collection of classes and routines to simulate the structural dynamics and the according X-ray diffraction response in one-dimensional sample structures after ultrafast excitation. The toolbox provides the capabilities to define arbitrary layered structures on the atomic level including a rich database of element-specific physical properties. The excitation of ultrafast dynamics is represented by an N-temperature-model which is commonly applied for ultrafast optical excitations. Structural dynamics due to thermal stresses are calculated by a linear-chain model of masses and springs. The resulting X-ray diffraction response is computed by dynamical X-ray theory. The udkm1Dsim toolbox is highly modular and allows to introduce user-defined results at any step in the simulation procedure.

The udkm1Dsim toolbox was developed in the Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter group of Prof. Matias Bargheer at the University of Potsdam, Germany. The toolbox is currently maintained by Daniel Schick.



Please cite the following article if you use the udkm1Dsim toolbox for your own publications:

D. Schick, A. Bojahr, M. Herzog, R. Shayduk, C. von Korff Schmising & M. Bargheer,
udkm1Dsim - A Simulation Toolkit for 1D Ultrafast Dynamics in Condensed Matter,
Comput. Phys. Commun. 185, 651 (2014). [preprint]



The udkm1Dsim toolbox was tested on MATLAB 2010a (7.10) - 2016a (9.0)



Download the udkm1Dsim toolbox from github:


Add the udkm1Dsim toolbox folder and all of its subfolder to your MATLAB searchpath by excecuting the command:


In order to use the udkm1Dsim documentation before MATLAB 2013a (8.1)

  • open the MATLAB Preferences from the File menu.
  • click Help, and then select the All Products button.

since MATLAB 2013a (8.1)

  • open the MATLAB Help and click on "Supplemental Software" on the lower left of the help start page

Open the MATLAB Product Help and open the udkm1Dsim toolbox documentation from the content listing. Follow the Getting Started to get familar with the simulation workflow.

In order to run the example files change your current MATLAB directory to path2udkm1Dsim/examples/.


Versions history

Download the latest udkm1Dsim toolbox for MATLAB© from GitHub:

Date Version Link
Migration to GitHub -
2016/05/01 1.024 download
2013/07/31 1.023 download
2013/05/17 1.022 download
2013/05/15 1.021 download
2013/05/03 1.018




The udkm1Dsim toolbox is distributed under BSD license.

Copyright (c) 2013, Daniel Schick, André Bojahr, Marc Herzog, Roman Shayduk, Clemens von Korff Schmising

All rights reserved.


Release Notes

Migration to GitHub
Version 1.024 - 2016/05/01
  • bugfix in heat.m relating to the boundary conditions
Version 1.023 - 2013/07/31
  • changed unitCell.m in order to avoid the need for MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox in order to get the intHeatCapacity and intLinThermExp properties of unit cell objects
Version 1.022 - 2013/05/17
  • renamed XRDdyn.parallelInhomogeneousReflectivity to getInhomogeneousReflectivity
  • renamed optical penetration depth from λ to ζ in documentation
Version 1.020 - 2013/05/10
  • bug fix in unitCell.clone2multiple method because of heat capacity
  • added copyright in class files
  • removed unnecessary helper functions from the package
Version 1.018 - 2013/05/02
  • initial release to public
  • main change to experimental version: heat capacity is in [J/kg K] now